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来源 ckm3u8云播放云资源猜你喜欢剧情介绍 Min-joong and Ga-hee are. a campus couple and friends withhttps://470dast Geun-tae. Gboef4heun-tae has a crush on Ga-hee and asks her out to dinner to tell her how he feels about her.Ga-hee knows how he feels but she tells him she is in love with Min-joong and doesnt acknowledge his feelinghttps://470dasts f.or her. Geun-tae isnt happy with how Min-joong treats Ga-hee and feels bad for her. So Geun-tae comes up withc a. plan to break them apart https://470dastby introducing a girl named Eun-bit to them...影片评论


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